Wonder with professional naturalist Joel R. on an easy 1-2 mile round-trip exploration of a wild and scenic canyon in the Santa Ana Mountains.

Navigate coastal scrub, oak woodland, grassland and a flowing creek. Using all of your senses, stop frequently to observe, interact and discuss the unique plant adaptations in relation to the wind identification of samaras (winged seeds), wind pollinated flowers, leaf litter decomposition, tumbleweed and other phenomenon.

Search for the seeds and flowers of ash, maple elderberry, oak, alder and other trees. Take time to listen in silence as the breeze influences the plants and the birds and other wildlife communicate and navigate with the landscape. Smell fragrant plants, including sages.

Touch the various textures of leaves, bark, stones, wildlife artifacts and other unique surfaces. Appreciate access to the flowing creek where amphibians, including frogs and newts may be waiting.

Minimal elevation gain. Mix of sun and shade.

The trail is a combination of pavement, dirt single track and uneven rocky terrain at the creek. There will be at least one stream crossing, so there is a chance of getting your feet wet.

Not recommended for those with mobility or medical issues.

Bring water, food and hiking essentials.